Saturday, December 17, 2011

Growing in Unity Week! Day 6

Good evening! For my 6th Growing in Unity Project, I made a traditional type Christmas Card. 

Unity stamp saturday project

1. For the base I used cream colored cardstock (from an unknown source, admittedly… hee hee) and added the awesome Basic Grey patterned paper. 

2. I used a velvety ribbon in burgundy to make a “gift” look to the card. 

3. For the sentiment and the tree, I used stamps from Unity Stamp Company’s September 2011 kit of the month. I think the designs match the Nordic background paper so well! I know I have covered up much of it with ribbon, flowers and such, but I know it’s there, I know it matches, so… I’m super happy with that. : ) 

4. I used Dew Drop ink in a metallic gold for the tree, and a green color of cat’s eye ink for the sentiment. I chalked the gift tag in a shimmery brown and inked the edges of the tree cardstock in the same gold as it was stamped. 

5. The flowers are Prima the bottom one I actually tore apart one of my budding roses and splayed out the petals and added a bow. 

6. There is also a little stamped edge accent on the side of the main image card with is brown with gold inking. 

7. Adhere parts of card together with foam adhesive and glue dots… and BAM! Christmas Card!

“Method to Madness” today is that I had to use some serious artificial light to get the shimmer ink on the tree to show up in a photo. The fine glitter in the ink, shows up to the naked eye differently depending on which direction you are looking at it. Sometimes it appears very light and hardly there, and sometimes it looks like, “wow!”. 

I find this perfect for my sentiment of “The Gift of Christmas” because with this card you might not see the main image unless you look at it a bit differently – it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb in real life. So also, are many of the best gifts of Christmas not the ones with the shiny gold bows on them or all the yummy food. It may take looking at the season’s events and people who surround you in a different way than traditional, but once you find the hidden gift, that special something you may not have noticed before… it will be SO worth it! 

I have already had so many gifts this holiday season and they may not have meant a thing to anyone else, looking from outside of me, but I see them, I am enjoying them, and I am so thankful for them. One awesome gift this holiday season is all the super people I am meeting by participating in Growing in Unity week!

My hope for you today is that you receive (and see) some real Gifts of Christmas!

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my blog!


  1. I'm using Live Writer... all of the sudden it will not leave spaces between my paragraphs! No matter how many times I "enter".

    So sorry about that, I have tried to edit it in the blogger editer too... I WILL work on fixing this! Thank you for understanding!!

  2. Yay! There it worked! :) Now on the yesterday's post to fix!

  3. Well you fixed your issue before I got here...your paragraphs look fine Jessica! What a pretty card you made...that velvet ribbon is yummy and those flowers are a perfect deep shade to highlight the beauty here! Lovely gold shimmer accents and I absolutely adore that sentiment!

  4. Your paragraphs look just fine to me. :) Great card- love the layers and I'm sure the shimmer is just gorgeous in person!

  5. This is cute! I really like the non-conventional colors you chose.
    I've been learning to cultivate gratitude for everyday gifts, too. I am really so blessed everyday, and many times I do not realize the extent.

  6. Truly magnificent and beautiful!

  7. I wish I could "like" and then comment on each comment here! Wow I really appreciate all your kind words and thoughts. I am glad that the little "life philosophy" parts are reading well too :) They are things that I myself am working on and well, blogging is about sharing life experience, right? :) Hugs everyone!!

  8. Great card! I love the pink/moss green combo! It's been fun seeing your GIU creations all week!


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