Monday, August 13, 2012

May Arts Silk Ribbon Challenge for August!

Here I have a pretty (I think) hair accessory that I created for the May Arts Ribbon Silk Indulgence Challenge this month. I was sent a yard or two of each ribbon (wide cream, and thin ribbons of pink, purple and white) and needed to make a project! It was fun, the ribbon is thin and silky, has some natural pretty sheen and texture to it, so here are some photos! : )
may arts silk ribbon challenge lfth 2

So! I took the wide ribbon and made a base flower, added my net tulle “petals”, and also some vintage lace “petals”. I took the two thinner pink and purple ribbons and held them as one and crocheted them together to form the middle of a flower, took the white ribbon and crocheted around that, then a darning needle to make the loops around the edge of that! That’s the middle of this piece. I found a pretty pearl and silver filigree type button that I thought was great! I added some white feathers to match to white in the ribbon. Sort of really wanted cream feathers… but didn’t have any that were fluffy enough for what I wanted. : )
may arts silk ribbon challenge lfth 1

HAD to take a few (lol, more like 20 to get it right, finally hubby took this one to get the right angle to show off the accessory! Thanks, hun!!) Here is a photo of me wearing the piece in my hair, sans makeup today… sigh! it’s one of those things a girl should Always have an extra set of at home, just in case said girl should forget the makeup at say… a relative’s home… (far far away) lol
But anyway!!… The whole piece measures approximately 6” (counting feathers) and 4” wide. I had fun, it was my first attempt at making flowers with ribbons, and I’m pretty proud of it, in all honesty! Yay I did it!! I think (having a challenge really gets me to just “do it”) I’ll make more I hope to get better too!
Let me know what you think, I’m happy to hear from you!