Monday, August 13, 2012

May Arts Silk Ribbon Challenge for August!

Here I have a pretty (I think) hair accessory that I created for the May Arts Ribbon Silk Indulgence Challenge this month. I was sent a yard or two of each ribbon (wide cream, and thin ribbons of pink, purple and white) and needed to make a project! It was fun, the ribbon is thin and silky, has some natural pretty sheen and texture to it, so here are some photos! : )
may arts silk ribbon challenge lfth 2

So! I took the wide ribbon and made a base flower, added my net tulle “petals”, and also some vintage lace “petals”. I took the two thinner pink and purple ribbons and held them as one and crocheted them together to form the middle of a flower, took the white ribbon and crocheted around that, then a darning needle to make the loops around the edge of that! That’s the middle of this piece. I found a pretty pearl and silver filigree type button that I thought was great! I added some white feathers to match to white in the ribbon. Sort of really wanted cream feathers… but didn’t have any that were fluffy enough for what I wanted. : )
may arts silk ribbon challenge lfth 1

HAD to take a few (lol, more like 20 to get it right, finally hubby took this one to get the right angle to show off the accessory! Thanks, hun!!) Here is a photo of me wearing the piece in my hair, sans makeup today… sigh! it’s one of those things a girl should Always have an extra set of at home, just in case said girl should forget the makeup at say… a relative’s home… (far far away) lol
But anyway!!… The whole piece measures approximately 6” (counting feathers) and 4” wide. I had fun, it was my first attempt at making flowers with ribbons, and I’m pretty proud of it, in all honesty! Yay I did it!! I think (having a challenge really gets me to just “do it”) I’ll make more I hope to get better too!
Let me know what you think, I’m happy to hear from you!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

A handmade present from a friend!

I just have to share this with everyone! My best friend in the whole wide world, is completely addicted to my Sweet and Shabby flowers. Smile (Great minds think alike!) So… Anyway…(the sweet, generous person that she is) she hand-made a gift for me out of the flowers she ordered from me! I received an amazing package in the mail the other day! I was seriously teary eyed over it! Here is part of what I received:

Arna's Bear 2

Yup! Is that a great friend or what? Isn’t this the cutest little bear ever!? She has hand made the skirt/stand for the bear, then hand made the dress. She stamped the sentiment “I’m so glad you’re my friend” on cardstock and made a sign with it (extra bling included!) added some sweet pearl necklaces and added one of my paper flowers to the top. (Like a great hair accessory or a vintage hat!)

Here’s another look: Arna's Bear 1

The back is this great satin bow! The sign on the back says “Shalom” (more bling included!), and how the bear is holding the sign, I can just twist it around in her hand without even taking it out in order to change the sentiment facing me!

I (and her whole family) think she should make these to sell in her handmade shop! I will post the link for sure when she gets them listed! For now, her shop is ShalomEverlasting and she has some great cards and vintage items there!

Last look!!  Showing off my flower and her great use of them on a project outside of scrapbooking and card making!

Arna's Bear 3

Love it! and love you too, Arna! Thank you for letting me post this for the whole world to see! I hope that everyone reading this has a wonderful day! Thank you for stopping by!